8 Pounds SoilMoist Fines (2 Gal pail) Bare Root Dip Makes 320 Gallons Gel Plant Tree Packing Medium Treats 96,000 seedlings


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8 pounds Soil Moist Fines

Soil Moist Fines┬áis a powder form of the polymer that is used for bare root planting applications. Used as a delivery system to store moisture in the fine polymer powder. It absorbs moisture similar to a sponge, when the surrounding soil dries, the water is released to the soil over an extended period of time. The Fines are mixed with water to make a slurry which coats plant roots to help prevent them from drying out. 1lb treats 12,000 – 19,000 seedlings.


  • Reduces plant watering by up to 50%
  • Saves time and labor with less watering
  • Maintains vigorous plants
  • Minimizes transplant shock due to moisture loss
  • Reduces soil compaction


Fines for bare root dipping

Mix one pound of SOIL MOIST FINES (powder-type) with 20-40 gallons of water. Let the product stand for at least 15 minutes. Dip the plant/tree immediately before planting. Adjust the slurry to the thickness that best adheres to the roots. When mixing the FINES in water, be sure the polymer is poured in slowly and the water is moving. The longer the gel is allowed to stand, the tackier it will become and the better it will adhere to the roots. One pound will treat approximately 12,000-19,200 seedlings. SOIL MOIST HYDRO (sugar-type 100-700 microns) can be used as a packing medium for transporting bare root stock.

photo of roots dipped in Soil Moist Fines