SoilMoist NitroGreen Organic Plant Fertilizer 14oz High Nitrogen Water Soluble


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SoilMoist NitroGreen

NitroGreen is a 100% organic based fertilizer that can be used on all plants and vegetables. The all-purpose fertilizer is 100% water soluble and goes into solution quickly to ensure immediate delivery of its nutrients. The OMRI approved fertilizer has the highest nitrogen available in the industry which is essential for plant growth and establishment. There are no harsh ingredients in NitroGreen that will burn plants. The fertilizer is normally applied as a water solution but can be applied dry. NitroGreen is packaged in a 14oz. bag.

Benefits with NitroGreen:
OMRI approved
100% water soluble fertilizer
Highest nitrogen available in the industry
Plant based fertilizer, will not burn plants
Goes completely into solution for immediate nutrient delivery
1 ounce of Nitrogreen per gallon of water. Slowly pour in water and mix until it goes into solution. For small bushes and roses, apply up to ? gallon. For flowers and vegetables, apply up to 1 gallon per 12-15 square feet. For hydroponic use, apply 6 grams per gallon of water. For agricultural use apply 2-10 pounds per acre. Reapply every 2-3 weeks during the growing season. For indoor plants apply 2 teaspoons per gallon of water. Feed plants every 2-3 weeks. Nitrogreen can be applied at all stages of growth depending on the fertilizer program. In general fertilizer begins at or prior to planting and used as needed. Nitrogreen is a commercial fertilizer and should be used as part of a comprehensive nutrient management program on all conventionally and especially on all organic plants.