SoilMoist Grass Seed Coat 2oz Hydrogel Landscaping Treats 12lbs Seeds Save Water


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SEED COAT (2oz package treats 12lbs seeds)

Soil Moist Seed Coat is a crosslinked polyacrylate and graphite compound. It is designed to increase the germination of grass and other types of seeds. The polymer compound retains excess moisture from water and humid air. The moisture on the seed softens its tissue to promote faster germination. The graphite compound retains heat on the surface of the seed to promote germination. The graphite helps lubricate the seed and equipment to help spread the seed. Eight ounce of Seed Coat material will treat 50 lbs of grass seed.

Application Rate
Mix 12oz of Seed Coat with 12 pounds of dry seed.

A hopper box or barrel mixer are the most commonly used equipment to mix the seed and Seed Coat. Prior to the mixing, any moisture should be removed from the equipment. When
the humidity is over 79%, we do not recommend mixing. Once blended the seed should be immediately used. Keep any leftover product in a cool, dry location. An airtight container is


Helps increase and speed germination rate
Helps to obtain a more “even” germination rate
Cost Effective: 2 oz treats 12 lbs of seed
Environmentally friendly
Effective on all types of grass seed